Welcome to Paradise Skating

Where the fun never stops and the wheels keep rolling! 

Our journey began back in 2010 when a spark of inspiration ignited a passion for skating in our founder, Jefferson Sylla.
With over 25 years of coaching experience and a heart dedicated to making a positive impact, Jefferson has become a beloved figure in both our local community and the wider skating world.

What started as a simple skate lesson quickly blossomed into a thriving hub of skate enthusiasts.
We’ve had the pleasure of teaching countless individuals and families the joy of roller skating through our lessons, classes, and private sessions. It’s been an incredible ride!

At Paradise Skating, we believe in the power of people.
We’re all about fostering a supportive and empowering environment that helps individuals unleash their full potential through their love for roller skating.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed hundreds of aspiring skaters transform into amazing roller enthusiasts, twirling and gliding with confidence.

But that’s not all we do!

We’re also known for throwing the most epic skate parties and organizing thrilling skate events, both locally and on a national scale. Our dedication to tailoring each experience to our customers’ needs and the venue we choose ensures that every moment is unforgettable and enjoyable for all.

But we don’t stop there.

We have a bold vision that goes beyond the joy of skating.
We aspire to create a roller-skating platform that offers more than just fun.
We want to be a source of mental health support, career development, spiritual guidance, and peer support, all aimed at reducing youth and teen violence in our community. With skates on our feet and determination in our hearts, we’re committed to making a positive difference.

Our mission is clear

To provide top-notch individual and group lessons for those who are eager to learn the art of roller skating. We’re not just here to teach; we’re here to spread the love for skating far and wide. That’s why we organize local and national skating events that showcase our vision and brand. By doing so, we hope to attract future skaters and collaborate with other like-minded brands and organizations.

We want to create a movement, a conscious choice, where troubled teens find solace and belonging in skate crews instead of gangs.

Together, we can change lives and build a brighter future.

So, lace up your skates, grab your friends and family, and join us in the paradise of roller skating.
We can’t wait to glide, laugh, and create unforgettable memories with all of you.

Let’s roll into a world of endless fun and possibilities! 

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