Paradise Skating initially started as an idea in 2010, the Company was created and founded by Jefferson Sylla, a skate coach and instructor who have over 25 years’ experience as an instructor and who have been a positive impact in the local community, and skating community for over 2 decades.

What started off as a friendly skate lesson with an intrigued spectator, grew into multiple skate lessons, classes and private lessons for hundreds of customers and their families who are aspiring to learn how to roller skate. 

We are a people-oriented Company that engages and empowers individuals to reach their potential through their passion of Roller-Skating.

Over the years we have trained hundreds of skaters and their families, who have since become amazing skaters. We also organize skate parties and skate events on a local and National Level. We work tirelessly throughout the cycle of our events, tailoring each one to the needs of our customers as well as the venues we use, in order to create the ultimate experience for everyone to enjoy.


Create a roller-skating platform that can offer mental health support, career development, spiritual guidance, peer support, to help reduce the youth and teen violence in our community.


Provide individual and group lessons for those who are aspiring to learn how to roller skate. Organize local and national skating events, with the purpose of promoting our vision and the brand, recruit future skaters, and collaborate with other brands and organizations. Create conscience and a movement to which we can encourage troubled teens to join skate crews instead of gangs.